Better World seeks Drones Civils

A Drone is a robot that moves and only after an assignment given to it. Youth camps Holidays “Drones Connection” design, test, and use drones to provide solutions to humanity.

Unbelievable, perhaps, but true! Scientists camps “Drone Connection” are available since 2012!

On this link you can see the description of the camps “Drone Connection”

In 2015, the Drones will be tested in the Pyrenees to follow the bear and count the sheep, and a fully autonomous and programmed device will be sent in 2016 in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia and China, in partnership with these four governments, to follow the snow leopard. OSI is present on the Footsteps of the Snow Leopard in Central Asia since first shipping PANTHERA in 2006, renewed every year since.


Also in 2015, a drone with high energy autonomy will be designed and tested in Provence (France) in order to develop an easy to use system that will be available to the Congolese villagers so they can protect them- same aggression they suffer at any time in the year. Which shows that the Civilian Drones allow citizens to protect themselves without waiting for international aid that does not come; and thanks to projects implemented on children’s camps in France or Switzerland!


Even in 2015, it is this time in the Valais in Switzerland (Val d’Anniviers), a paradise for nature lovers, as Drones, again, this time going to develop an automatic system for monitoring the changing effects of Climate Change on our environment. A Colonie de Vacances allowing girls and boys to create solutions to survive the changing Biodivertsity over time; where we see that future generations can already begin to repair the errors of adult society, which meanwhile continues to defer action until later.